To ensure that there is no any data readable

left in the hard drives with our data wiping

program, Greenland Resource will randomly

select 5 erased hard drive to apply recovery

test for each load. We use a certified professional

software to do recovery test on picked hard drives.

When requested by our customers, we will use

our specified shredding technology to make

physical destruction to the storage devices.

A 100% device and data destruction can be

guaranteed by Greenland Resource IT team.

After destruction, a detailed COD

(certificate of destruction) will be given to

our customers immediately.

Recovery Test

Mainly Complying with the U.S. Department

of Defense standard (DoD 5220.00M

Specifications), we strictly use a certified

software to overwrite all sectors 3 times,

ensuring all data will be completely eliminated.

Conforming to multiple international data

wiping standards, Greenland Resource can

ensure our customers’ sensitive information

is destroyed permanently after erasing. 

Data Security

Physical Destruction

Data Erasure

At the era of information explosion, data

breach becomes a serious problem.

To keep our customers’ data private, we

develop a disk recycling program, which

can securely wipe entire data from every

recycling data storage device we receive.