We need your help to complete our electronic recycling life cycle. The main characters in our recycling plans are the IT assets and other electronic commodities. Therefore, we will take your usable equipment and electronic scraps to achieve our goals.

Recycling Procedures

Recycling would easily get involved in regulation breaking activities if they do not manage focus materials in appropriate safeguards. We create properly disposal plans for environmental-sensitive materials to help our upstream cooperators diminish risks. Furthermore, Greenland Resource provide our customers a 100% clear tracking program, which our customers can track their recycled items from shipping to our warehouse to refining to raw materials. There are some non-profit organization  taking multiple actions to prevent the trade of hazardous waste between more developed countries and less developed countries. 

Greenland Resource has a well-developed systems of recycling procedures from receiving to disassembling. By following these standard operating procedures, we can ensure that every pallet, item received or shipped will be clear and safe during the recycling process. 

IT Asset Disposition

Risk Mitigation